Pagan Pentecostals – Why Pentecostals Make Better Magick Practicioners

If you weren’t aware, I am a magickal practitioner, Wiccan, Pagan – give me a label that you are comfortable with that describes someone who does psychic, spell and celebratory work from a pagan perspective, who lives in the Southern United States.

I was born in Georgia – the heart of Dixie Land and raised a Pentecostal Independent Southern Baptist.

So we can all move forward on the same page, I need to give you some definitions.

Southern Baptist can mean two different things. There is the Southern Baptist Convention which is comprised of churches who affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention for political and economic reasons. Then there are Independent Southern Baptist churches who hold to the basic tenets of the Southern Baptist Convention and refuse to give up God’s authority to anyone else. This means that depending upon the church what Southern Baptist looks like can vary widely church to church in the south.

However, pentecostals have no convention and share some basic beliefs that can vary widely church to church. Wikipedia gives an excellent definition of pentecostal:

Pentecostalism or Classical Pentecostalism is a renewal movement[1] within Protestant[2] Christianity that places special emphasis on a direct personal experience ofGod through the baptism with the Holy Spirit. The term Pentecostal is derived from Pentecost, the Greek name for the Jewish Feast of Weeks. For Christians, this event commemorates the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the followers of Jesus Christ, as described in the second chapter of the Book of Acts.

In practicality, this means that pentecostals are taught from a very young age to channel the Holy Spirit and commune directly with the essence of God. What varies is the degree to which each church takes its practice of Pentecostalism. The spectrum runs the gamut from practices of poisonous snake handling to a simple speaking in tongues to ecstatic trance dance and spontaneous healing.

I was raised by my grandmother to firmly and thoroughly believe in the gifts of the Holy Spirit as set down Biblically in I Corinthians 12:7 – 11 which reads:

The Holy Spirit is given to each of us in a special way. That is for the good of all. To some people the Spirit gives a message of wisdom. To others the same Spirit gives a message of knowledge. To others the same Spirit gives faith. To others that one Spirit gives gifts of healing.10 To others he gives the power to do miracles. To others he gives the ability to prophesy. To others he gives the ability to tell the spirits apart. To others he gives the ability to speak in different kinds of languages they had not known before. And to still others he gives the ability to explain what was said in those languages. 11 All the gifts are produced by one and the same Spirit. He gives gifts to each person, just as he decides.

For my grandmother the gift of prophesy and to tell different spirits apart and translate what is said when people spoke in tongues is all part of the spiritual legacy of my biological family. She didn’t like the term psychic because she felt psychics didn’t acknowledge the divine nature of the gift they had. Her first rule was, “This is about what God gives you, and not what power you have without God.”

There was this very clear knowledge that God, The Holy Spirit was responsible for her ability to prophesy, identify spirits of the dead and translate language. Lest, you think I mean only speaking in tongues, I mean any language. As a student in college I worked for the Latin professor. One day he was out of the office and I answered his phone. I had a pleasant conversation with the German teacher who was coming to college in exchange for one year. When my professor returned and I gave him the message he looked at me strangely and then marched to the phone and made a call. When he returned he said, “How long have you been able to speak German?”

Stunned I said, “I can’t speak German.”

He shows me the note where very neatly in my own handwriting in German was the message I had taken earlier.

“Heir Kitterman said that you spoke perfect German and was confused because I hadn’t told him my student assistant was fluent in German. You took this note in fluent native German. Why are you denying you can speak German?”

“Gifts of the Spirit,” I said to him quietly and left the office.

I had never studied German, but in the moment in time when I needed to speak German, understand German, I was able to. This has happened to me several times in my life with Spanish and French which I have studied but had until that day never happened with a language I had never studied.

The problem is that paganism and paganism classic training is driven from the idea that most people who find this path have no experience in energetics and therefore, a lot of the training is in an attempt to get them to learn how to run energetics especially in circle. If someone is a Christian they are seen at being a disadvantage when it comes to energetic working because most pagans do not understand the energetic and psychic consequences that come from a life raised, trained, and encouraged by the pentecostal church or any church that acknowledges the ecstatic gifts of the Holy Spirit and the actual manifestation in humans on this earth.

In my own community I am beginning to see the marked differences in pagans with pentecostal backgrounds and those without. Pagans without need basic training in energetics and working energetics. They resonate easily along the accepted resonances of degree levels, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and beyond. I can watch them use the traditional methods of psychic and energetic training and easily level up.

My experience with pentecostal pagans is quite different and helps me better understand why my own teachers had so much problem dealing with me.

When I came to paganism the term meditation was not only foreign to me but I had been taught they were dangerous. I had never “meditated” before. However, I had spent HOURS and HOURS and HOURS in different types of meditative trances. There was prayer trance when I was praying. There was prayer trance when others were praying. There was the trance of channeling spirits or receiving prophesy. There was the trance of singing the same song over and over again during the call to the altar after a service.

Because pagans see these things as separate and different activities, instead of similar magickal practices, my own teachers couldn’t figure out why given minimal instruction I was able to quickly master grounding, centering, trancing, pushing energy in a circle, calling the energy of the elements. For them there was no foundation from which I should be pulling from.

On top of that, I picked up tarot decks after I became pagan because pentecostals prophesy through touch and trance most often. I quickly learned that in pagan circles this type of divination, as they called it, was very scary to them. I realized they attributed the power coming from the tarot deck and without the deck in evidence (or a crystal ball, or mirror, or some tangible object) the whole operation freaked them out.

Now, this never bothered me because I have always known, even after coming to paganism where my power comes from – and it isn’t inside of me, it is through me. So when Divinity speaks, through which ever form Divinity takes, it’s all good, because that means a God or Goddess is there.

I can remember, however, reading at a gathering and them trying to get me to read an elder who was there. She pointed at me and said, “She isn’t just playing with a deck, you know. She is the real thing and I will never let her touch me or read me and you are all fools if you think she is telling you even half what she actually is learning from you.”

To her point, that was true. My grandmother taught me about the knowledge you should and shouldn’t release into the universe and that what we learn is sacred as the power God drives through us. I think she was the only elder who realized when I tried to explain my abilities in relationship to my grandmother that I was just blowing hot air and there was something to what I was saying.

However, it wasn’t until recent years that I began to recognize what was going on. As I met more pentecostal pagans I began to realize that, as pentecostals, we had had extensive training in energetics and magick working without knowing it.

It hadn’t necessarily been very good magickal training either. I notice pentecostal pagans have a base energy level they run that is nearly always 1st degree level before they have actually acquired the knowledge usually associated with that energetic level. Then these pentecostal pagans spike energy levels like no one’s business. One circle sister will spike to the level beyond first I related to channel and trance work during ritual and is completely unaware she does this. Is you point out what she is energetically doing it crash around her and she will sometime go almost energetically void. It is as if when consciously being focused on the working, she forgets she inherently knows how to do it.

Her husband has always resonated 1st degree energy for me and he has a background in some ecstatic churches but not as much as his wife. His energy spikes 2nd during rituals and when he goes to try to push the energy to third, he can’t reach it. Further I have seen him watch his wife do this with great ease and then ask how she is doing it. The response is that suddenly she isn’t and he is left feeling like maybe it was something he misread.

Then you take pentecostal pagans and put them in circle. If there is one thing a pentecostal pagan knows it is how to run energy up. Attend a pentecostal church and watch the energy ebb and flow before the preacher comes on. They use music, song, and dance to bring the energy level slowly up from dead stop to holy roll. All that energy the preacher will tap into when the preaching starts. He lets it out during the sermon and then releases the rest during the call to the altar after his preaching is done.

Again, this is not great magickal training. In pagan circles you want to whip up the energy and then do a massive release. Most pagans see the ability to direct large group circles of energy as a special skill set belong to High Priests and High Priestess and not always then. However, you give a pentecostal pagan a little instruction and they set energy off in a circle like an elder would. After all every Sunday morning, Sunday night and Wednesday night they were doing it in church growing up.

My first public ritual was done with a group of about 150 pagans at a large gathering. Once ritual was finished, I was still a bit buzzed when I am confronted by a man who says,

“My Lady!” bows to me formally, “How long has someone as young as you been a high priestess?”

“I am not a high priestess,” I tell him.

“Ahh, so this was before you conference. To make sure you were ready. I am sure your teacher is pleased.”

“Umm, nope. I am not a 1st Degree,” I reply.

He watches me for a few minutes and then says, “Who is your teacher?”

I point him out on the other side of sacred space and watch with alarm as he marches to my teacher and begins to gesticulate wildly. Later I learn that my High Priest was reamed out for not granting the office my energy related to, which was no end of annoying to him. Now, however, I understand. Watching other pentecostal pagans I understand that while they can tap into the energy of higher levels and degrees they cannot sustain it for very long, largely because they were not trained to do so.

Moving forward I think Mentor/Teachers especially in the South must be aware of pentecostal pagans. People with an ecstatic Christian background who will have different abilities and traits than a Catholic pagan or some non-ecstatic tradition of Christianity.

The focus of training needs to be around recognizing meditative states and trance states specifically. It needs to be about sustain a level of magical energy with consistency instead of dropping it off like you would after church.  There needs to be a focus on not dismissing the magickal ability these ecstatic traditions of Christianity imbibe upon those who are raised as part of them from very young ages. Pentecostal pagans come with a definite ability that is far beyond what would normally be expected from neophytes and training should focus on making the best of that ability and recognizing that ability for what it really is – the remnants of having been trained in a different magickal tradition.



2/29/2016 ~ Straif Blackthorn


I am a huge John Matthews fan. Only when I was doing research for this day did I realize I actually own this deck which was a gift from Lady Siobhan. After drawing my ogham stick, I read the back Adversity <> Discipline and sighed heavily.

Today I have to go to the Social Security office and get some things straight. This is something I do not want to do and haven’t really been interesting in doing. However, I have to do it. When I drew this stick, I had already prepared my paper work and started getting things ready to go to this meeting. Drawing this ogham stick just made me feel defeated, until I came across Matthews explanation on this site.


 Magic lies all around us – not the magic of fairy tales, but real magic connecting our universe to a living continuum. After centuries of being told that it was forbidden, the preserve of experts, we have now forgotten the magic that lies within us. To access this personal magic, we must step away from busy, surface consciousness and sink deeply into the ever-flowing stream of our magical dreams.  The ideas, scenes, and presences that throng the deepest levels of our understanding require intense listening: we must step into the present and interact with it as fully as possible. This Blackthorn card suggests that we remember that magic is everywhere (far closer than we think) that it brings light into the darkest places. What makes the Blackthorn so strong is its ability to foster waking dreams.

The magic of thorns: Like all thorny plants, the blackthorn had a darker side and, like the blackberry, reminds us of the hedge of thorns preventing the prince from reaching Sleeping Beauty unscathed. In some stories the prince loses his sight when he falls upon the thorns, and of course there is also the ever-present association with the crown placed around Christ’s brow at the Crucifixion. 

This lightened my outlook some because there can be magick in the Social Security office. So I can go there and I can bring my outlook that all is going to be well and write and good. I can use the discipline of my magickal practice to walk into that office with the future set clearly in my mind that all will be well and corrected and beneficial to my family.

The Blackthorn is also used in the creation of traditional walking sticks that served the dual purpose of being a weapon. Think Robin Hood and his merry men beating each other with long sticks or staves. Blackthorn is the traditional wood used in their creation. Which further explains why discipline is required. You can’t just throw a stick around and expect it to be a good weapon. The thorns have always been used in folk magick of hexing.

So I am going to choose that going to the SS Office is a type of adversity that I would rather not face and I have the discipline required to deal successfully with it and visualize the magick and the outcome that is to the best of my family coven’s benefit. I have been using walking sticks for a long time.



2/28/2016 Ailm Pine

2c8dd43190f04b3f52427c942c3766e5I haven’t really said how I am going about this. Thanks to my friend Morgen, I had made Ogham Sticks. These sticks were charged and blessed during a full moon. These sticks are just popsicle sticks. Using a marker, one side has the Ogham word (Ailm) and the tree association (Pine).  On the other side of the stick are two or three key words associated with this Ogham (wonder <> insight).

I think about the day to come and then pull an ogham stick. Then I use online sources and Blamires’ book The Celtic Tree Mysteries.

Today I am struck by the fact that the sound of this Ailm is “ahhhhhh.” The sound you make when you suddenly understand something you didn’t before. Ah- ha! I am going to be looking for the ah-ha today. What ah-ha do you experience today?

2/27/2016 Birch Beith

Sometimes I drawn an Ogham knowing full well what my day will be centered


around. Today is one of those days and Beith reflects it perfectly. Looking on the website Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids I quickly learn that Beith is associated with the work of everyday. The work that keeps our world going round. It gives an element of protection as you go about doing that daily work. Since today is all about that type of activity, I won’t be looking any further for an explanation.

2/26/2016 Ruis Elder

Having already consulted Balamirs for the the meaning of the Ogham recently, I have skipped it today. Instead I went online looking for new sources with different information. Of course I went to EcoEnchantments which has been a page I have been borrowing my pictures for the Ogham from and read through their information which was largely about growth of the tree and medicinal uses. I then ended up on Modern Curio which talked about the tree representing the Crone  which recalled for me the Wiccan Rede and the following excerpt:


Found on Pinterest

“Elder is the Lady’s tree
Burn it not or cursed you’ll be.”

However, both sites talked extensively about how self generating the Elder Tree is. The Modern Curio says:

“Elder is a tree that constantly regenerates, and thousands of years of trees can sprout in the same spot. Because of this, it is a symbol of change, spiritual growth, and the ability to endure whatever challenges you may be facing. It is a tree that reminds us of the wisdom of the ancestors, or the elders – and of past experiences that make us who we are today.”

Today during meditation I was really struggling with all the thoughts and ideas I was being bombarded with around my current project. I stopped meditating two times to record voice memos about the ideas I had in my attempt to shut down my brain. When I read about the self generation of the Elder tree, I saw all these ideas as little elder trees springing up through the cracks in my meditative practice and through my spiritual life in general. It is as if this project wants to plant itself everywhere.

This sounds cool. Unless it is your meditative practice these ideas are popping up in. It is actually overwhelming and trying to be the recipient of such constant ideas. There is no time to flesh one idea out before another is settling into try and take root. I begin to worry that some ideas will not flourish because I can’t pay them attention. Which is why the Crone in my mind is associated with this tree. Only a wizened old woman could handled such an abundance of ideas and growth. So only in conjunction with the goddess can I handled this bombardment of ideas.

2/25/2016 Pine, Fir, Ailm

Given my meditative results today, choosing this rune this morning is not at all surprising.


Original Artwork by Ruby Clark 2012

Reading through Blamires the following passage stood out:

“It is making you break new ground, to go forth and, using your will, to experiment in new ares and see your results.”

My morning meditative journey was all around my current project with insights into that project and ramifications for that. Then my meditation for resting my mind ended up being an extension into using the ham radio equipment I referred to earlier in the week in a different way.

I feel inundated with new ground and new ideas and overwhelmed at wanting to capture them before they slip from me. All of this makes any time I can disconnect from everything more important.

What new ground are you breaking in your life? What is overwhelming you because you can’t seem to capture and manifest it quickly enough? How do you disconnect in order to stay stable?

What references do you use to study the Ogham?

Artwork found here.

2/24/2016 Broom (Reed) nGetal

Given what I have written on the past few days about energetics and taking a break for your psychic and mental health, I found drawing this Ogham today interesting. Typically I draw the Ogham early in the day but today I didn’t draw


Original Artwork Ruby Clark 2012

the Ogham until I got home from work and a ministerial meeting. Only a few hours before drawing this Ogham, I had written on Facebook, “Got caught up on Facebook posts. I am finally feeling the effects of the illness I spent the week fighting off. I have lots of work to do and am just trying to stay awake to do some work. I may have to take tomorrow off and rest only. So much to do though and I don’t really want to do that.”

Blamires writes about the mental and spiritual health that this Ogham suggests by saying: “To leave things lying around half done on a magical level can cause infection and disease. Independent life forms can attach themselves to things left by careless Otherworld travelers. These Otherworld “viruses” can take on a life of their own, and do considerable damage.

In the higher realms, these unwanted items, dirt you will, may not be obvious. They can consist of abstract things such as incorrect or malicious thoughts, feelings, emotions, and mental actions. You must learn to recognize them, and this is what the ivy [the ogham before broom] will help you do. Them you must learn to use the broom as your inner sight and smell to pick up these things and get rid of them.”

Combine this confirmation of the focus of my spiritual and magickal workings, this Ogham today seems to reflect that. Given, my recent bout of physical illness, this Ogham seems to suggest a time to rest is at hand.

What is weird to me is that my reliable Ogham mistress, calls this Ogham Reed not broom and says that the keys are communication and insulation. I resonated with the insulation portion of this Ogham as I felt like I need some insulation myself. Sometime to physical recuperate which I have put off because of one thing or another since I took ill last Saturday.

I’ll have to ask my reliable Ogham mistress why her interpretation differs from Blamires?

Artwork found here.


2/23/2016 Ruis Rowan


Original Art Work Ruby Clark 2012

Today I am in the Daily Ham Radio. This is odd. Even odder is why I am in it. Yesterday I posted a blog called Magick, Energetics and Burn Out of Pagan Leaders. This article was one prompted after a two hour car ride with another magickal practitioner. During this car ride we were talking about mediumship and channeling and some of the problems associated with that work. I gave him a brief run down of my scientific view about this type of work and resolved to write an article about the specific mechanism I use which has to do with ham radios and antennas. I have trained for the certifications for Ham Radio and passed the related test and when searching for a mechanism it is what I turned to (tuned to?).

The article got picked up the Daily Ham Radio and is now circulating through an entire subculture I had not originally intended. On the one hand, this is great! Other magickal and pagan workers might see the article and be able to use the technique to great affect! Yea! Go me!

On the other hand, I just drew the Ruis, Rowan Ogham which is Protection and Inspiration. I have drawn attention to myself and having known lots of ham radio operators over the years, many of them are not going to be too fond of my article. So I am called to draw up my protection today. I do some extra things to ensure the prayers turned psychic missiles don’t wreck my day.  I feel the doubled edge sword that is a writer’s desire to be read and known with a writer’s desire to be read and known.

I find it interesting that in Full Moon ritual I called the Daghdha and this is the tree that he is associated with. The Wild Hunt is also here, all that male energy suddenly flooding my antenna and ham radio.

Holy Daghdha

Come to me and cast your shining sunlight

Cloud the eyes of those who seek 

To dim my inner bright

Holy Daghdha Rowan Shield

Blessed be your child this day and through the night.

LMNC, 1/23/2016; Inspired by another poet

Art work found here.

Magick, Energetics, and Burn Out of Pagan Leaders

Magick, Energetics, and Burn Out of Pagan Leaders

I have said before I am a verbal learner and recently I took a car trip that was two hours round trip with a magickal practitioner as I am, although he would not self-identify as pagan. Our conversation has prompted me to write two blogs about energetics and magick in very specific ways.

In my book, Family Coven: Birthing Hereditary Witchcraft, I discuss at length the connection I believe is between the amygdala and the psychic or magickal centers of our brain. The amygdala is the place in our brain of primal thinking and instinctual fight, flight, or freeze response. The amygdala is where every instinctual impulse come from.

I postulate that this is also where someone connects with Divinity and work for mediumship is largely done. There is no clinical work that demonstrates that what I postulate is true. I found one study that showed less activity in brain areas that they expected would be used for psychic ability in experienced mediums, and they did not look at the link between mediumship and Divine possession and the amygdala.

However, I make this postulation on the idea that the link to the Divine is primal and has to be a state to supersedes the conscious mind – all parts of the conscious mind. Further the amygdala doesn’t communicate in words or language as we understand it but with symbols when properly trained. This is a common phenomenon of mediums, that they work with visual cues and not verbal or language related cues.

Given that, the energetic training of pagan leaders is often around being able to easily put oneself into a trance state that taps into this mechanism of the brain. The study I just cited says that less experienced mediums use “learning” portions of the brain in higher levels than experienced mediums. This suggests that there is a learning that occurs until the ability to use the amygdala has been established.

Pagan leaders who suffer from burn out or the bat shit crazies that seems to accompany a significant portion of pagan leaders, I think are abusing the amygdala.

These people are equating connection with the Divine and mediumship work with meditation when in actuality they are two different states of being for our brains.

When we activate the amygdala and connect with the Divine or perform acts of mediumship, it’s like running a car’s engine in 2nd gear. We can more easily steer around curves and better navigate unfamiliar terrane, but running the car’s engine in 2nd gear all the time will slow down the overall function of the car. It will have potentially devastating consequences for the vehicle has we try to force it to run at higher speeds than it is capable in 2nd gear.

Further most pagans see the act of meditation as a vehicle to gain better control of psychic, medium and channeling work, which is one reason for meditation. However, these same pagans often overlook another function of meditation, rest for the brain from ANY function.

Without some time devoted to resting the brain from the job of mediumship, psychic use, and/or channeling, the brain is running in 2nd gear all the time and eventually waking hallucinations and ideas around being the gods and not being ridden by the gods emerges.  I have watched experienced magick workers swat the air to remove the fairies that they can’t stop seeing. It’s like their brain has gotten stuck in 2nd gear – the gear of channeling and mediumship.

It wasn’t until this car ride, however, that I was able to articulate this postulation and gain some verification with another magickal practitioner.

“When I meditate,” he said, “Sometimes I have to say, ‘NO! Not that! Not now! I need to rest! Do you think that is normal to want Spirit to be quiet? Do you think that is right?”

I knew it was normal because I have fought the same battles when I meditate and I devised some specific mental tools to deal with having an easy connection to Divinity, channeling, and mediumship.

NOTE: I think that other types of psychic skill like reading someone’s thoughts or feelings or psychometry work different areas and mechanisms of the brain that mediumship and channeling which is another post all together.

Ham Radio Operator

It is a little known, but absolutely true fact that I am a certified ham radio operator. During the intensive training to become certified the mechanism of how ham radios work is carefully explained and must be understood in order to pass certification.

ham radio

When I ran into the Pagan World only to find that I was an oddity among most pagan energy workers, I was nearly immediately flooded with extrasensory information that I could not control. My circuits were in over load and on all the time. So I visualized a ham radio on my third eye.

Ham radios have some interesting functions. The first is that it can dial in to a very specific frequency with greater precision than normal radios in our car. For example, 94.1 might be a radio station in your area, but did you know there are actual frequencies to send radio waves on between 94.1 and 94.2? Ham radios can dial into these very specific radio frequencies with great accuracy. They have special dials to help you dial in to more narrow and more specific radio waves.

My first exercise had me imagining my channeling, mediumship ability as being housed in my own ham radio situation on my third eye. This allowed me to tune into specific Deities or deceased persons by dialing in the correct frequency. Every day for nearly a month, I visualized this radio on my forehead. I started out by naming what the dials were and what they did. I played with them to tune in The Morrigan and the in turn tune her out. I set a button to change from Divine frequency to the frequency of the dead. Then I used another dial to hone in that frequency. I went to grave yards to play with the radios function. Sometimes I would literally mime turning the knobs on my forehead.

When I was confident with this function, I turned to another staple of Ham Radio – the antenna. The antenna takes the frequency being used and boosts it beyond the distance it would normally travel. The antenna is limited by how high it is, how many arrays it has and where it is on the physical landscape that is the earth. Naturally, an antenna on top of a high mountain will allow for you to send signals further away and receive signals from farther away.hamradioantenna

I began to visualize my antenna coming out of the crown of my head. My physical antenna had a crank that I would use to raise and lower the antenna for the purposes of sending further or receiving better. In my mind I built myself an antenna and began working on lowering and raising the antenna to send further and receive better. Now I have multiple visuals to aid me in fine tuning, strengthening and weakening my own personal medium and channeling abilities.

Then I started practicing turning off my ham radio and lowing my antenna into my body. No signal in and no signal out is the goal. This is where a meditative practice to let the mind rest comes in. Once you have cut off the signals, allow yourself to concentrate on breathing or relaxing muscle groups, I know spend ten minutes a day in REST mode. No Divine connection, no connection with the dead and no psychic activity. Just resting the brain and my amygdala.

I have found that the more I rest, the easier it is to get into the states of channeling and mediumship. I have also found the longer I use the ham radio tools, the easier it is to control my reception in large crowds and at pagan gatherings.

What About Burn Out?

This, however, did not really address energetic burnout. This has been a topic of discussion between myself and my craft sister, Disa, for a long, long time. How does burnout energetically happen? Why? Of course, she and I have certainly learned all about making time for self-care and I believe for high priests and high priestesses that self-care should include meditation that is tied to resting the brain.

But the energetic mechanisms for burn out continued to elude us. Until I actively tried to run a coven. This coven was done in a hierarchical model of organization. There was a HPS and HP then everyone was below those two. Energetically this works like trickle-down economics. Energy flows from the Divine and Earth through the HPS to HP and then into the group. Unfortunately, energy that is set loose always looks to anchor itself. In this hierarchical model, the energy anchors itself to the HP and HPS. This means the starting and ending point for energetic workings in the coven is with the HP or HPS or sometimes both. After that coven invariably imploded. I was asked to help set up another community.

This community structure is an inner and outer structure. There is a core group of members on a leadership team who do the actual work required of the community. The outer structure is any general members and then any members of the pagan community who come in peace to our open Sabbats and classes.

By this time, I had been working with the grounding stone with my Family Coven for quite some time and it seemed to me that what the group would need is an energy source that is not reliant upon a person. So I mentally created a grounding stone for the community. I charged the stone with the purpose to draw energy from the elements, the earth, the sky, and Divinity. I charged the stone to cycle that energy through the core of the earth to keep it naturally fresh and free of contagion. I then tied my energy and the energy of the founding members into the stone. The strength of your tie is directly related to the strength of your physical participation in the group. If you are on the core leadership team, your connection and access to the grounding stone is greater and easier than if you are a general member. The idea is that everyone’s energy is fueling the group and it isn’t one person.

Of course, this energetic work must be backed by physically not being the only person doing the work which requires delegation and a type of leadership that seems to be missing from most pagan communities. It also requires tending. Someone needs to frequently check the stone, check the shields, check the ties to the stone. This isn’t a one and done working. It requires some planning and some creating and then it requires tending.

With the first group my descent into burn out was fast and nearly debilitating. With this group, there is a sense that the group might not be around next year if everyone involved doesn’t pull their own weight or if the outer membership of the group doesn’t connect and buy in. However, the inner circle I have no doubt will continue to be around. The Outer Group is energetically expendable if necessary and I can always pull the leadership team back into the inner circle and let the outer circle go completely if necessary.

Further my personal energy is not the only energy being used to power group mind, group connection and monitor group energetics. Every person in their own way who is tied to the stone is doing the same. This spreads the energetic stress out among many instead of one or two.


There you have my little explanation of energetic burnout and magickal working around channeling and mediumship. I’d love to know what you think about these topics.




1/22/2016 Ruis Elder Daily Ogham


Original Artwork Ruby Clark 2012

Here we are again with the Ruis Elder Ogham. We looked at this yesterday and talked about the veneer the people might put in place to ensure they present the most favorable presentation possible.

Yesterday, I lost my temper at a beautiful woman in our coven. I yelled, cussed, argued and pretty much held an entire conversation in her presence over everything I was frustrated about that had nothing to do with her specifically. I was rushed, harried – hell – the excuses could be a mile long here and aren’t important.

I love her. I was rude to her. She didn’t deserve it. I could have dealt better.

So I told her that today. I apologized and asked for forgiveness.

Yesterday I ordered a book from Christine Hoff Kraemer, an editor ofPagan Consent Culture: Building Community of Empathy & Autonomy, of which I am part of. She refunded me $1. 67. One dollar and sixty-seven cents!

Here is a person who is owning in a deep and meaningful way the Ruis, Elder. Her actions when no one would know are still driven by the highest moral and ethical standards.

For me, this is about who I am deeply. Am I being true to that? Am I living that? Am I reflecting that?

The answer is probably not, none of us are really. And those who try can count that as a win worth more than $1.67.