2/29/2016 ~ Straif Blackthorn


I am a huge John Matthews fan. Only when I was doing research for this day did I realize I actually own this deck which was a gift from Lady Siobhan. After drawing my ogham stick, I read the back Adversity <> Discipline and sighed heavily.

Today I have to go to the Social Security office and get some things straight. This is something I do not want to do and haven’t really been interesting in doing. However, I have to do it. When I drew this stick, I had already prepared my paper work and started getting things ready to go to this meeting. Drawing this ogham stick just made me feel defeated, until I came across Matthews explanation on this site.


 Magic lies all around us – not the magic of fairy tales, but real magic connecting our universe to a living continuum. After centuries of being told that it was forbidden, the preserve of experts, we have now forgotten the magic that lies within us. To access this personal magic, we must step away from busy, surface consciousness and sink deeply into the ever-flowing stream of our magical dreams.  The ideas, scenes, and presences that throng the deepest levels of our understanding require intense listening: we must step into the present and interact with it as fully as possible. This Blackthorn card suggests that we remember that magic is everywhere (far closer than we think) that it brings light into the darkest places. What makes the Blackthorn so strong is its ability to foster waking dreams.

The magic of thorns: Like all thorny plants, the blackthorn had a darker side and, like the blackberry, reminds us of the hedge of thorns preventing the prince from reaching Sleeping Beauty unscathed. In some stories the prince loses his sight when he falls upon the thorns, and of course there is also the ever-present association with the crown placed around Christ’s brow at the Crucifixion. 

This lightened my outlook some because there can be magick in the Social Security office. So I can go there and I can bring my outlook that all is going to be well and write and good. I can use the discipline of my magickal practice to walk into that office with the future set clearly in my mind that all will be well and corrected and beneficial to my family.

The Blackthorn is also used in the creation of traditional walking sticks that served the dual purpose of being a weapon. Think Robin Hood and his merry men beating each other with long sticks or staves. Blackthorn is the traditional wood used in their creation. Which further explains why discipline is required. You can’t just throw a stick around and expect it to be a good weapon. The thorns have always been used in folk magick of hexing.

So I am going to choose that going to the SS Office is a type of adversity that I would rather not face and I have the discipline required to deal successfully with it and visualize the magick and the outcome that is to the best of my family coven’s benefit. I have been using walking sticks for a long time.




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