3/12/2016 – Ceirt – Apple ~ Health & Beauty & Priestesses?

Today Vesper chose my Ogham. I laughed because I had already decided to buy hair dye to cover my silver roots and had gone on and on to Stone about how awesome my body looked 20 lbs thinner and in the outfit I picked to wear today. Green Man Oracle Apple 001

As I was looking for images for this post this am, I came across one that we associating the Apple with the Priestess. It was the Green Man Oracle. As I have been gifted that oracle by Renee, I was going to pull it but couldn’t find the deck or book associated with it.

Health and beauty are associated though. The impact of food on our bodies, our hair and skin has been well documented. So today – what are you doing in the real world to improve your beauty? Drinking more water? Cutting out processed sugar? Meditation?


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