Lazy Pagan Clergy: The Introduction to the forthcoming Pagan Sex Book by Dia.

lazy-snoopyThere is an inherent problem among pagan’s clergy: a lack of continuing education. Even as this book goes to press much of the hours of research I have done for it may even now be out of date, incomplete, disproved, or thought of in radically different ways. Such is the nature of research and development in the sciences. 

As a pagan people, we have allowed the centuries of patriarchal rule of spirituality and spiritual philosophy to make us lazy. We are not concerned with what the results of the physical-biological sciences, psychology, and sociology have to say about the human condition, the interactions that create that condition, the ever-changing understanding of the human body and its commentary about that condition, and how that intersects with spiritual experiences singularly and in groups. We have become weight down by a new dogma of tradition and traditional values that we have inherited from Christianity.

In Christianity, there is a dogma of belief and practice. Clergy’s job is to simply maintain the status quo and slowly push the boundaries of that status to keep up with the changing acceptable social fabric of society.

It is precisely why books like this one and others must be written. I have been frightened into inaction when it comes to pursuing the writing of this, The Pagan Sex Book, and other books – what expert am I? What authority do I have to do these things, say these things, write these things?

Literally, in a dream, as I began to write this introduction, I realized something: how can I not? How can I continue to allow the laziness inherited by us through a patriarchal system of belief continue to be the prevalent wind directing the spiritual path I have devoted my physical and spiritual life?

Our clergy should be at the cutting edge of the philosophical debates around spirituality and the discoveries made by social science, psychology, and biological research. Let our counterparts in other religions create a slow push that gently moves the fabric of society.
We are pagan warriors, priests and priestesses. We do not slowly move. We shatter and destroy old ways of thinking. We radically alter the things we come in contact with. It is why we still worship and center ourselves around an altar. It is a literal reminder of the alteration we, as pagans, are attempting to create on the very fabric of the physical world.

What I produce will be flawed.

It will not be lazy.

It will demand that we stop sluggishly relying on the status quo created by our counterparts in Christianity and the Abrahamic Religions. It will be a radical and direct movement of the boundaries of what we understand and accept as part of the pagan spiritual movement. Because of all this, it will be controversial and what you need to know is this: 

It is not the idea of controversy or conflict that motivates me to use the forger’s hammer and burning forge, to bend, shape, and remold the priestesshood’s understanding of the concepts I am presenting. I am not, as Big Named Pagan authors of old, offering radical ideas and concepts for the sake of creating sales. I am simply doing what pagan clergy should have been doing long ago, refusing to lazily accept what Christian Spiritual paths tell us. Instead, I am looking towards the sciences to help us radically change and move everything we come in contact with. I am using the power of my words processed through my will to create the radical change I want to see in society.

She changes everything she touches and

Everything she touches changes.


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