2/28/2016 Ailm Pine

2c8dd43190f04b3f52427c942c3766e5I haven’t really said how I am going about this. Thanks to my friend Morgen, I had made Ogham Sticks. These sticks were charged and blessed during a full moon. These sticks are just popsicle sticks. Using a marker, one side has the Ogham word (Ailm) and the tree association (Pine).  On the other side of the stick are two or three key words associated with this Ogham (wonder <> insight).

I think about the day to come and then pull an ogham stick. Then I use online sources and Blamires’ book The Celtic Tree Mysteries.

Today I am struck by the fact that the sound of this Ailm is “ahhhhhh.” The sound you make when you suddenly understand something you didn’t before. Ah- ha! I am going to be looking for the ah-ha today. What ah-ha do you experience today?