3/11/2016 – Oak – Duir ~

As my day often is, it starts out in one place and leads to me going around all over doing things, pick up people, collaborating, working in Starbucks. Yesterday was another day that I woke thinking would go one direction and then lead in some completely different direction.

When I pulled the Oak, I noted the words Morgen gave Oak and then as my day has gone on and I have worked and collaborated with Valencia on a energetics workshop I am putting together, I have completely forgotten what the keys words were. Blamires is at home, though, I don’t think I would have read him if I had him.

Oak always reminds me of Stone – my husband priest. He is a very hard worker, dare I say, “workaholic?” My day has been about ministerial work that is focused on delivering ministerial assistance to people, organizing visual aids for classes I am developing and making appointments and sending emails around my Family Coven and those mundane issues that we forget to do: make a counseling appointment or check on insurance payment for services rendered.

Although I don’t know what the words are suppose to be, work, real hard labor, comes to mind when I think of Oak and that has certainly born itself out as I have gone through my to-do list and forced myself to complete some tasks and just get some things done and off my list.

What is on your list? When do you plan on getting to it? How much more time would you have if you just devoted yourself to finishing three of those little outstanding issues?